Monday, January 16, 2012

Marian and Robin

Still working out the look and feel of Marian--as you can see, I've been exploring heads and hairs style, and now I'm back to re-thinking body shape. Robin, I have a few more sketches of, but I'll get them later. Honestly, as I'm thinking it, I'd make Marian the main character, and Robin would be secondary, so he's not my biggest concern.


These are two practice illustrations of Robin and Marian's rooms respectively. I'm imagining Robin as a Medival surfer-dude, so I was trying to make it all messing with his surfer (hunter) stuff all scattered and such. I have more studies on his room that will come in time. Marian's room I imagined more as her place of study--I want her to be enlightened, both intellectually and spiritually. She is virtuous and smart. I thought that this might have been her father's library that she has adopted as her own room/study.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Character Designs

These are mainly sketches and ideas, I wanted to do more but I did get a commission last week, that slowed me down and I do have a little one to take care of...

Here I was just exploring with some ideas for maid Marian.

Robin Hood, I wanted him to be good looking, smart, and a great fighter.

Older version of Robin Hood for last part of the book.

Maid Marian, I wanted her to be elegant but also down to earth personality. 

Sheriff of Nottingham, this one is the roughest sketch, but I like where it was going. 

If I had time I wanted to start working on the Merry men, maybe this coming week I will work on them...
I know these are rough and not finish, but I wanted to post something anyway!

Young Robin Hood

This one was quick and fun, I wanted to get the first scene where Robin first becomes an outlaw... but I time ran short and ideas change so here is a simple illustration of when robin was young.

Monday, January 2, 2012


This Christmas break I've been devising a Disney Princess movie with Maid Marian as the princess and Robin as a supporting "prince." Here are two villain concepts: the obvious Sheriff of Nottingham and Guy of Gisborn (an awesome, seldom know Robin Hood villain--and yet, he's wearing a horse-skin suit).

How do you craft the legend of Robin Hood?

Told and retold countless times--the legend of the man known as Robin Hood (Robyn of the Hood, Robin of Loxley, the Earl of Huntingdon) has been around for centuries. To recreate it is a task, to do it with any originality quite the challenge. Fall of 2009, a group of us at BYU-Idaho got together in an Advanced Illustration class and set out to develop a Robin Hood story product. Guided by a jovial chap--Wade Huntsman (an apt surname for such a venture) we went to work studying and trying to adapt Howard Pyle's novelization to screen. It was one of the best classes, the most fun I've ever done.

Two years later, I've contacted some of who were there and invited them to try their hand at the merry man from Sherwood again. A fun exercise, one I'm very interested to see what it brings should check it out too, and then tell ten friends to do so...